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These laddus are very tasty and nutritious.even the picky eaters would to like have them.i have uploaded this post on request of my YouTube subscribers and viewers (for worried mothers).

growing kids need more protein to build a healthy and strong body.every mother tries to give them very healthy and tasty food always.But I really could never understand why they don’t like all the foods.even a really tastier food seems to be crap to them.Oh God!they probably might have some messy missing taste buds 🙂

I have few funny entwined memories with this mother used to make these laddoos in my childhood.she had continued the same for her daughter never liked these laddus.she used to hide under the bed at wall side corner so that I could not catch her used to be there for hours to avoid eating. she used to say “Amma andulo Unnulu( she didn’t know how to pronounce NUVVULU(sesame/til)) unnayi nenu tinanu”. that means “mom that laddoo has Sesame seeds, I don’t want to eat”. we had to compromise finally.started making them without sesame seeds.but now she is a grown up girl.she eats whatever I give her.

I have used organic cane sugar for making the laddoos.but you can use can add soya bean powder to make them more nutritious or protein rich.I made 22 laddus out of this powder.each laddu weighs about 25 grams approximately. each one has nearly 4 grams of protein.if you soya powder the protein value raises by 1 gram i.e 5 grams.if you want to add soya bean powder, just roast it in the ghee/clarified butter before adding.50 grams of soya bean powder would be enough for 450 to 500 grams of the remaining mixture.

you can give 2 laddoos to your kids in the morning and one in the evening.if your kids are below 4 years, please help them while eating as it may get stuck in the throat.give it to them in small pieces at a time.stay healthy and be happy always.try and enjoy… 🙂

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