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8 Healthy Vegetarian Indian Dinner Recipes | Weight loss Dinner Ideas | High Protein & Veggies

Here are 8 Healthy and nutritious vegetarian Indian Dinner recipes, which will help in providing a meal rich in protein, and also add to the deliciousness quotient of your meals. These recipes are made of a marvellous mix of high protein vegetarian sources and lots of seasonal veggies.

👉 8 Healthy veg Dinner idea for Weight Loss:

1. Stir Fried Tofu with veggies 00.20
2. Quinoa and Dal Khichdi 02:24
3. Mushroom, broccoli & panner burji 04:06
4. Pulao style high protein khichdi 06:24
5. Vegetable Stew 08:40
6. Green salad with grilled panner 10:00
7. Creamy peanut butter oats 10:45
8. Veggies and lentil with one Chapati 12:40

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