Beautiful Cocktail: How to make Blue Sky Cocktail | Cafe Yooky

I always wanted to show you this cocktail since I started youtube.
I had this cocktail over 15 years ago(yikes) in Seoul Korea, at a bar in Chongro.
It is quite popular in Korea now, but at that time it was a rare cocktail.
The recipes today on the web calls for sugar for the snowflakes but I remember the bartender used salt for his presentation.
I tried both and salt works way better than sugar so try both if you’re curious 🙂
It is a beautiful yet very strong shot like cocktail so I don’t recommend if you’re not used to hard liquor.
I just got to know that the Blue Sky was an award-winning cocktail invented by a Korean bartender in 1997.
Do be careful while handling alcohol, especially the 151 proof rum since it can catch fire easily.
Other than that, enjoy!

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