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1 Week Salad Recipe | 7 Healthy Quick and Easy Indian Lunch or Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

Today I present to you 7 most filling, nutritious, Healthy, Easy and delicious salads for Weight Loss. These flavourful & satisfying salads will help you improve your metabolism and burn calories specially when combined with a decent workout routine. These Indian salads are great for lunch or dinner. So here are 7 easy, nutritious salad for the coming 1 Week.

7 Healthy salad for weight loss

1. Chickpeas and peanut salad : 00:22
2. Marinated tofu or panner salad : 02:44
3. Mung Dal & Daliya salad : 05:08
4. Low carb egg white salad : 08:25
5. Tofu and stir fry vegan salad :10:28
6. Broccoli and mushrooms burji salad :12:34
7. Creamy Chana salad : 14:50

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