3 Cocktails Recipe for New Years | New Year Special

Want to throw the best New Year Party but don’t have a bartender. Be the bartender yourself and serve these Cocktails! Watch your guests being swiped off their feet (Literally)

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Ingredients –
1)Vodka Drink
Ice ½ Cup
Mint Leaves 5-6
Lemon 3 Tbsp
Simple Syrup ¼ Cup
Green Apple Syrup ½ Cup
Vodka 4-5 Tbsp
Spirit ½ Cup
Mint For Garnish 5-6
Lemon Wedge 1

2) Rum Drink
Ice 5-6
Lemon 2 Tsp
Rum 4 Tbsp
Coke Cola 1 Cup

3) Rosemary,Litchi and Whiskey Drink
Rosemary 4 Tbsp
Ice 5-6
Litchi Juice ½ Cup
Whiskey 5-6 Tbsp
Cold Water ½ Cup

1) Vodka Drink
Step 1 -In a shaker add ice cubes, mint leaves, lemon slices, sugar syrup and vodka and muddle it.
Step 2 – Mix some apple syrup to the mixture and shake it well.
Step3 – Take a glass, pour the drink, add spirit and some ice cubes. Garnish it with mint leaves and lemon slices

2) Rum Drink
Step1 – Take a glass, add ice cubes and 2 lemon drops.
Step 2 – Pour rum and cola to top.

3) Rosemary,Litchi and Whiskey Drink
Step1 – Take 3 sprigs of rosemarry and burn it. Cover the burnt rosemarry with glass to get a misty effect on the glass.
Step2 – Take the same glass, put some ice cubes, add litchi juice, whisky, and cold water.
Step3 – Garnish it with rosemarry sprig.

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