Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas. Catering for kids party on a budget. Kids Party Planner Episode 2

Hi guys,

This is a second episode of my Kids Birthday Paty Planner.
I talk about food, shopping and prepping for 30+ party so I hope it makes sense.

I have prepared most dishes on my own (with a little help from my friends – you know who you are girls so thank you again).

Here is the list of the food I had (mind you I had around 30 people at my party so needed quite a lot of food).

Those dishes I did not prepare on my own I mark as “shop-bought” and whenever the dish was vegetarian I indicated this with a (v) sign

Cold meals:

sandwiches: ham and cheese, coronation chicken, egg and mayo (v), tuna sweetcorn
wraps: tuna mayo sweetcorn and cream cheese 
eggs stuffed with a mushroom filling (v)
salats: greek salat (v), tuna pasta salad, chicken noodles salat
hummus (v) (shop-bought)
guacamole (v)
nachos with salsa (shop-bought)
bread: pitta (to go with hummus and guacamole) 
polish kabanosy (smoked dried thin sausages- shop-bought)

Warm meals:

chicken strips
samosas (shop-bought)
oven-baked chicken drums
BBQ meat (marinated the day before): chicken BBQ style, chicken Indian style, polish sausages, lamb kebabs
BBQ food (v) paneer cheese strips, halloumi cheese strips

Sweet treats: (all shop-bough)

lemon drizzle cake 
birthday cake

If I was to prepare half of the food it would still be enough to feed everyone but I was just hoping no one goes home hungry.

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