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Six Reasons Why All Moms – And Kids – Need Cerebelly

If you’re a toddler mom like me, then you’ve probably thought that fruit-based, high in sugar foods just can’t be good for your kids’ early development. You’re right about that, and you might feel hopeless when it comes to finding healthy alternatives. That’s where Cerebelly super healthy kids’ food comes in. I would always check the labels before I bought baby food puree. I discovered that Cerebelly has 8x the nutrients of other brands. Here are six reasons why I switched to Cerebelly for my three-year-old Gracie and my eight-month-old Charlie – and why you should too!

1. Cerebelly is science-backed

With one look at Cerebelly’s website, you can see that its kids’ foods are formulated by putting the science of nutrition first. Each stage of a child’s development requires different nutritional needs, and Cerebelly maps them all out for you on their website. And there’s a big reason why Cerebelly knows its stuff… 

2. Cerebelly is Clean Label Certified

Cerebelly’s ingredients are healthy and safe, since Cerebelly is the only shelf-stable baby food brand to receive a Clean Label Certification. This means that the pouches and snack bars I give Gracie and Charlie don’t even have traces of more than 400 known heavy metals and toxins. With Cerebelly, my little ones get food that’s as safe as it is nutritious and delicious.

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3. Cerebelly’s founder is a neurosurgeon and developmental neurobiologist, and also a mom of three.

Cerebelly’s founder, Dr. Teresa Purzner, is a neurosurgeon and developmental neurobiologist – exactly the kind of person you want advising you on your kids’ diet. She also has three kids of her own, so she doesn’t just know what kids need – she knows what they like. Thanks to her knowledge, Cerebelly both provides Gracie and Charlie’s growing brains with the fuel they need and food they love.

4. Cerebelly has way more nutrients than other kids’ foods

Most kids’ foods have two key nutrients. Cerebelly has 16. You read that right – Cerebelly has eight times as many nutrients as other kids’ food brands. These brain-supporting nutrients range from iron and protein for cognitive development to DHA and Vitamin E for motor skill development.

5. Cerebelly is organic, veggie-first, and lacking in added sugars

There’s nothing unhealthy about Cerebelly. You’ll find no added sugars in its pouches and bars, but you will find tons of veggies and solely organic foods. Now, I know what you’re thinking – in what world do kids prefer veggies to sugary snacks? I’ll explain soon, but first, another thing about Cerebelly’s ingredients…

6. Cerebelly is parent and kid-approved

With Cerebelly, kids learn to love veggies and fruits. Charlie absolutely gobbles down his Vitamin A-loaded Carrot Pumpkin pouches, and Gracie adores her iron-packed Broccoli Pear pouches. Both kids love the Blueberry Banana Sweet Potato Smart Bars, though I’m a tad partial to the pouches since we bring them everywhere with no mess whatsoever. Cerebelly isn’t just tasty and healthy – it’s convenient. I also don’t have to worry that the pouches have to be refrigerated – when we are on the road, or out all day, they are still safe + yummy to eat.  I used to worry so much about refrigerated pouches on a road trip! Was it left out too long? Is it still ok for them to eat? With Cerebelly I don’t have to worry and I can stock up my pantry at all times.  

If you too are looking for a safe, healthy way to feed your kids during early development, now is the perfect time to sign up for Cerebelly’s flexible biweekly delivery system. For a limited time, you’ll get 25% off your first order using the code FIRSTORDER25! You’ll be thankful you did – and so will your kids’ brains and taste buds.

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