3 easy & healthy mocktail recipes | Non-alcoholic cocktails

In order to make a clean version of mocktails, or of any drink (and even of foods) you want to READ the labels of everything you buy. Avoid regular sugar and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Buy organic products if you can afford them. And even when you buy something that contains a healthier alternative to sugar, for instance, you want to watch out the amounts that you consume, because everything adds up at the end of the day, if you take into consideration the rest of the things that you eat or drink during the day.

I was a social drinker until I realized that alcohol had a direct impact on my mood. So I quit a year ago. Have a look at my journey in this playlist. It contains mocktails recipes, why I stopped drinking, and how you can still have fun (and friends) without drinking.

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Seedlip, alcohol-free “gin” substitute
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In Europe:

Fever-Tree tonic
In the US:

Fever-Tree Ginger beer
In the US:

Lemont mint cordial Belvoir
In the US:

1. Lemon & Mint Tonic
– Ice
– 15-20 ml Lemon & mint cordial
– 2-4 mint leaves
– 150 ml tonic water

2. Ginger on ginger
– Ice
– 15-20ml ginger concentrate
– 15-20ml fresh orange juice
– 150ml ginger beer

3. Gin & Tonic Splash
– Ice
– 3 thin slices of cucumber
– 1/2 teaspoon coconut sugar
– 1/3 of a lemon squeezed
– 15-20 ml Seedlip
– 100ml tonic water
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There are tons of alcohol-free drinks in the market, but not all of them are healthy. Those two things often aren’t linked to one another. These 3 drinks I’m sharing today are a healthier version of mocktails I created because I don’t believe in quitting alcohol but adding up lots of highly processed ingredients into one’s body.


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