3 easy and crunchy air fryer snacks

Air fryer I used in this video:

3 easy and healthy air fryer snacks.
1. Apple chips.
– Cut 2 apples into thin slices, soak in cold salt water (1tbsp salt + 3 cups of water) to prevent from turning dark. Dry with kitchen towel before air frying.
– air fry at 120F for 3 hours. The apple chips will be soft while they’re hot, and turn crispier after cooling.

2. Crab stick Dimes.
– air fry at 355F for 30 minutes. Pause to shake off the basket half way through.

3. Corn pancake.
– air fry at 355F for 20 minutes. Pause to flip the pancake at 10 minutes. For a better taste, sprinkle 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of sesame seeds on the top after 20 minutes, and send it back to air fry 2 more minutes.

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