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6 Quick & EASY Money Saving Recipes! | $20 Grocery Budget | Best CHEAP Meal Ideas | Julia Pacheco

When you’re close to the end of your grocery budget, and don’t have much left, it might be overwhelming to try to make a lot of meals out of a few inexpensive ingredients. I know.. I’ve been there! I hope that when you’re overwhelmed, wondering what in the world your family is going to eat, you can make delicious, nutritious meals for cheap! Thank you for watching! 🌼

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Cheaper Meal Ideas Playlist + https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf5__fRVN0JYIOhhRhjvl2nTBCJM0A2nX
Blog Post: 7 recipes using just 20 ingredients! → https://www.juliapacheco.com/extreme-budget-meal-plan/
Video: Eating For $1 A Day (Full Week) https://youtu.be/FGXZHn7l_M8

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0:00 Cheap Meal Ideas ❖ Video Recipes →
0:39 $20 Grocery Haul
2:43 Lentil Stew https://www.juliapacheco.com/lentil-stew/
4:32 Black Beans & Rice Skillet https://www.juliapacheco.com/black-beans-and-rice/
6:00 Seasoned Chicken & Rice Casserole https://www.juliapacheco.com/seasoned-chicken-and-rice-casserole/
7:43 Chicken Vegetable Pasta https://www.juliapacheco.com/chicken-vegetable-pasta/
9:32 Chorizo and Potatoes https://www.juliapacheco.com/chorizo-and-potatoes/
10:29 Pasta & Vegetable Sauce https://www.juliapacheco.com/pasta-with-a-vegetable-green-sauce/

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