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Recreate pepper lunch at home

Recreating pepper lunch at home.
2 tsp pepper,
2 tsp garlic powder,
2 tbsp honey,
1 tbsp oyster sauce,
3 tbsp soy sauce.

– Cut 1/4 sweet onion into wedges
– Cut a beef steak into slices (I used a ribeye)
– Mix 2 tbsps of olive oil with the beef
– preheat the pan/griddle over medium high heat until you can feel the hot air above with your hand
– put beef into a circle
– put 1 tbsp olive oil in the middle of the circle
– put onion, rice, 1 tbsp butter, pepper, corn kernels, green onions in the middle
– pour over the sauce
– crack an egg on the top of the rice
– mix everything up quickly

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