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Tiny Organics’ Baby Food Is Way Healthier Than Supermarket and Big-Box Brands. Here’s How.

As a new mom who also works, you might find it super tough to balance your busy schedule. Amid all your commitments, you want to ensure your baby grows up healthy and happy, but when it comes to healthy eating, that can feel impossible. For starters, the baby food at your local supermarket and big-box stores is loaded with preservatives and sugar, and it lacks real nutritional value. And though you’d love to cook every meal for your little one, it’s impossible to do so when you’re balancing a career and a million other things. 

Luckily, Tiny Organics solves all these problems with healthy, vegetable-first foods that require no cooking. Here’s why it’s better than all your supermarket and big-box options.

Quick Guide: Tiny Organics versus local supermarket and big-box brands 

Tiny Organics Supermarket/big-box baby food
Real organic, healthy ingredientsYesNo
Real textured food in identifiable formYes No
Lots of flavors to choose fromYesNo
Added sugarsNoYes
Customizable meal plansYesNo
Easy and convenientYes No

7 reasons Tiny Organics is the healthier choice

✅Real organic, healthy ingredients 

With Tiny Organics, every ingredient in your child’s baby food is 100% healthy. That’s because Tiny Organics is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. Forget questioning supermarket labels and wondering what’s in your baby’s food – instead, feel relief with whole, fresh baby foods! 

✅Only vegetable-first baby food in existence

Where big-box and supermarket baby foods are packed with sugar to please young taste buds, Tiny Organics is the first baby food brand to take a healthier veggie-first approach. From peas to butternut squash and broccoli, your baby’s options are endless – and delicious. It’s no wonder Michelle Obama, maybe the most influential American on all things kids’ nutrition, endorses Tiny Organics.

✅Introduces real foods in an identifiable form 

With Tiny Organics, you’ll never question what you’re feeding your baby. Say goodbye to the weird off-yellow goop and hello to whole, delicious ingredients. This approach can expand and shape your baby’s palette so they become less picky eaters sooner than later. 

✅Lots of flavors to choose from 

The Tiny Organics menu is loaded with different meals and flavors. Your little one can enjoy a naturally sweet Oat Em Gee breakfast or a savory Coconut Curry dinner. You might even be tempted to try all the recipes yourself! And you certainly can’t say that about supermarket brands.

✅No added sugars

You know full well that young children prefer – no, crave – sweets. That’s why supermarket and big-box brands take the unhealthy step of going big on added sugar. Tiny Organics, on the other hand, include at most five grams of natural sugar per meal. The veggies are the focus instead.

✅Customizable Meal Plans

With Tiny Organics, you can change up your baby’s meals each week with just a few clicks on its website. This way, your little one can expand their palette in ways simply impossible with supermarket and big-box brands! 

✅Easy and convenient

You don’t have to leave your house to get your Tiny Organics meals. Just visit Tiny Organics’ website, then choose how many meals you want and how often. It’s that simple! You’ll get your baby’s meals right to your doorstep – no more supermarket runs, no more meal prep. 

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