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Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Delicious Reunion Dinner: 10 Dish Tutorial

Get ready for an amazing Chinese New Year celebration with this special episode of Souped Up Recipes! Join me, Mandy, as I show you how to prepare the perfect reunion dinner, complete with 10 delicious dishes to serve a crowd. From printable recipes to cultural heritage and auspicious meanings, this is a comprehensive guide to an unforgettable feast!

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HK Bubble Milk Tea (港式珍珠奶茶) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/hk-bubble-milk-tea-recipe
Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (糖醋排骨) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/sweet-and-sour-rib-recipe
Tilapia Dumplings (罗非鱼饺子) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/tilapia-dumpling-recipe
Jade Chow Sum (翡翠菜心) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/jade-choy-sum-recipe
Cucumber and Bean Curd Stick Salad (凉拌腐竹青瓜) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/cucumber-bean-curd-salad-recipe
Lamb Soup with Daikon Radish (萝卜羊肉汤) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/lamb-soup-w-daikon-radish
Sesame Roasted Chicken (芝麻烤鸡) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/sesame-roasted-chicken-recipe
Stuff Bitter Melon (猪肉酿苦瓜) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/stuffed-bitter-melon-with-ground-pork
Shrimp and Tofu Soup In Golden Broth (金汤虾仁豆腐羹) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/golden-pumpkin-soup-with-shrimp-and-tofu-recipe
Oyster Sauce Beef (蚝油牛肉) – https://curatedkitchenware.com/blogs/soupeduprecipes/oyster-sauce-beef-recipe

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