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Flax Seeds for Babies & Kids are extremely important for their brain & nervous system development. These seeds have Omega3 fatty acid and ALA that is required for the building of brains 🙂

Rutjua Diwekar in her book “Notes for Healthy Kids” talks about good fats like flax seeds in the form of Laddoo, chutney powder etc are all lost. And we are limited to using only refined oils/fried processed products for fat which is damaging our little ones development.

Who can use?:
1. Pregnant & Breastfeeding women.
2. Babies above the age of 8 months can use the flax seed powder in their porridges, sprinkled in curd, fruit purees/vegetable purees. Avoid the salt here.

How to use:
1. Make a chutney powder (recipe in the previous post)
2. Sprinkle chutney on dosa, eat with idli
3. Sprinkle on raita/curd/smoothies/
4. Have it with hot rice & ghee
5. Flax seeds ladoos are also popular during pregnancy

Research link for the experiment on how flax seeds helped brain development is shared below:
Read the section “Dietary Flax Seeds & the Brain”

So hope can bring back flax seeds to your kids and your diet regularly too 🙂
Do ask me if you have any questions.

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