These 10 Recipes Are Perfect For Children’s Birthday Parties

10 Adorable Recipes For Children’s’ Parties
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There’s always a lot going at children’s birthday parties. And the devil is always in the details when it comes to capturing the kids’ imaginations and making the celebration a really special event. One thing’s for sure — those little rascals will absolutely love seeing these wonderful creations lighting up the birthday banquet!

1. Cucumber Crocodile

“Never smile at a crocodile…” Find out how to make this tasty snapper here:

2. Cheese Mice

The one time you want to find mice in your cheese! The instructions can be found here:

3. Bread Roll Turtles

These ponderous fellows look incredibly cute in their bread roll shells. If you found the video too quick, you can find all the steps here:

4. Melon Shark

Is it a shark or the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? You can find the details for making this impressive fruit salad here:

5. Mini Sausage Octopuses

Using the sea as a theme for the party leaves lots of room for creativity. Find out how to turn hot dog wieners into these tasty “mollusks” here:

6. Surprise Piglets

Check out the following recipe to make these little cuties:

7. Banana Penguins

What’s a penguin’s favorite relative? Aunt Arctica! Find out how to make these quirky penguins here:

8. Babybel Ladybugs

Don’t worry — these delicious ladybugs won’t fly away off your plate! Find out how to make them here:

9. Fruit Peacock

Sometimes, it’s all about the right presentation. I mean, who can resist this guy? Find the recipe here:

10. Hot “Dogs”

These little pups are almost too cute to eat. Find out how to make them here:

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While some of these recipes are easy to prepare, others are probably more suitable when your kid’s entire class hasn’t been invited over. As you can see, some of these snacks also look almost too good to eat! Have fun!

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