Cocktails on Tap!? Easy, Fast & Delicious!

Tap cocktails are a simple way to make your life easier when you have to make a lot of drinks quickly, so instead of shaking, today I’ll show you how simple it is to make tap cocktails at home! We’ve done batched drinks before, but with this you’ll be able to make sours that don’t need to be shaken, while still getting that nice aeration and texture of a well shaken cocktail! We’ll test this out on the Whiskey Sour, the Daiquiri and the Aviation, but you could of course use it for any cocktail. All you’ll need is a keg or an iSi Siphon, some nitrogen and some nitrous oxide and you are ready to serve any sour on tap – yes, even ones with a creamy head! If you are looking for a life hack to get more efficiency and more consistent drinks at your bar, pull up a chair and get ready. Taps can be for more than beer, it’s Cocktail Time!

Get a Tap Keg:
And/Or an Isi Cold Brew Nitro Siphon:

Watch Dean Callan’s explanation on Cocktail Taps:

Check out the recipe for these Tap Cocktails:

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0:00 Tap Cocktails
0:47 What You’ll Need
1:50 Dean Callan’s Tap Cocktails
2:14 Tap Daiquiri
4:06 Tap Aviation
6:16 Tap Whiskey Sour
8:48 Outro + Recipes

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