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CHICKEN PICCATA for an easy 20-min dinner recipe!

Chicken piccata is an Italian-American favorite and one of the easiest weeknight dinner recipes to make at home. Thinly sliced juicy chicken breasts (“scallopine”) are dredged in flour, seared with a golden crust, then simmered in a lemon butter sauce with a touch of capers and parsley. It’s a beautiful and tasty dinner that comes together quickly!

In other words, chicken piccata is the perfect fusion of Italian cooking in America. Traditionally, piccata is an Italian dish consisting of thinly breaded veal (or other proteins) with a lemon butter wine sauce. But today we’re using chicken, and I’d say we’ve perfected this dish that’s dotted with garlic, capers, and fresh parsley. The more herbs and garlic, the better, right?

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Slice the chicken in half
01:36 Dredge the chicken in flour mixture
02:26 Open a bottle of wine
02:54 Sear the chicken until golden
03:53 Make the chicken piccata sauce
05:04 Serve it on a plate with sauce and garnish
06:17 Taste test

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