How I Found Time To Eat Healthy At Home

On a recent Friday night, I realized I needed to make a big change quickly. After yet another draining week at work, I didn’t want to invest my energy into cooking. Tossing frozen waffles in the freezer and dousing them in maple syrup is not a meal. I’m not saying waffles aren’t the best breakfast food (they are), but there’s a reason toaster waffles aren’t marketed as a dinner staple.

When that fateful Friday dinner arrived, I found myself so badly dreading another mushy, lukewarm waffle platter that I couldn’t even lift up my fork and knife to dig in. I thought to myself, You can do better than this. I could do more than fumble together an unfilling and unfulfilling dinner full of simple carbs, but as a constantly-working single 20-something who lives alone, I’m usually sapped of energy to browse through the supermarket, let alone prep and plan meals. And don’t get me started on cleaning the dishes!

That’s why I decided to try a meal delivery service – and it immediately snapped me out of my funk. No, seriously – Factor solved all my problems with pretty much one click. Factor ships fresh, never frozen meals directly to my doorstep. I instantly said goodbye to going to the supermarket and browsing the internet in search of that godly recipe.

Factor doesn’t require any prep work, not even chopping, dicing, or slicing. Every Factor meal comes with fresh, high-quality ingredients that are pre-mixed and ready to toss straight into the microwave. Sure, a few of the meals need a few more minutes in the microwave than others, but that’s because they’re delivered so fresh that they need a bit more work. It’s not just convenient – it’s simple and speedy.

I get 12 meals a week, but you can choose four, six, eight, 12, or 18 (I started at just six, and look at me now!). I’m paying $11.50 per meal with my 12 per week plan, which is a killer deal considering all the time I get back, the quality of the ingredients, and the always-delicious meals. It’s an even better deal when you think about the money I’m not spending on takeout, not to mention the gas my car uses to get there and back. I just go about my life as usual, and my meals arrive at my doorstep! Plus, since each meal is portioned to serve one adult, there aren’t any leftovers to go to waste, so I’m eating guilt-free.

You know the best part, though? After a crazy day, I don’t enjoy just a quick meal – I enjoy a scrumptious, nutritious one. I crave the Goat Cheese Chicken on every drive home, and the Smoky Pecan Crusted Salmon is an absolute delight, too.

Factor offers the perfect meal for just about anyone. Vegetarian? They try the Vegetarian Lasagna. If you’re on the keto diet, give the Denver Frittata Cups or the Spicy Turkey Poblano a try. Looking to travel the world a bit? Dig into the Italian Roasted Pork or the Taco Bowl. I’ve had most of Factor’s meal options, and I’ve loved them all so far.

Since I joined Factor, my only regret is that I didn’t ditch takeout ages ago. I have so much more time and energy (and money, too!) to do the things I enjoy the most. No more sloppy waffle nights for this on-the-go guy. Syrup is only for breakfast now!

Our friends at Factor have offered my readers an exclusive discount. Get $80 off your first order when you sign up using this link.


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