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How to make appam ?
Try this secret ingredient to make the best instant soft Kerala appam.

Learn how to make instant soft Kerala appam as part of healthy breakfast recipes.
This recipe is for those seeking quick, healthy, tasty breakfast ideas.
This instant Kerala appam recipe is a tasty breakfast recipe.
Try this easy appam recipe kerals style.
Appam is a favorite breakfast dish mainly in the southern part of India, especially in Kerala. Preparation for appam takes time as appam batter is left for fermentation overnight. This problem is solved here with a secret ingredient to make soft and tasty instant appam.
This instant soft appam recipe will help you to prepare the tasty appam easily which is a healthy breakfast option.
Save this to your easy recipes or dinner recipes. This recipe of appam or palappam kerala style, will be a hit among your kids.
The south indian breakfast recipes is incomplete without appam or palappam and the best combination of appam is with egg roast or egg curry.

This instant breakfast recipe is a must try for all indian cooking lovers.

Ingredients for instant appam – please view the video for the magic additive to make the instant appam super soft and tasty.
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